Seed to Harvest: The Wooden Book

APR 08–JUN 26, 2021

Seed to Harvest: The Wooden Book is a touring book project where the community writes the pages! In collaboration with artist-in-residence, Toshi Reagon’s Parable Path Boston , the Traces/Remain ensemble invites you to join them on a Sower’s journey that uses memories as medicine. Seed to Harvest: The Wooden Book is the first in a series of books that will travel throughout the 50 US states and 14 US territories collecting stories, in the form of memories, that will serve as medicine for its readers. Join us as a Sower for the launch of this initiative as the book tours Boston!

“Our memories serve as bitter and/or sweet medicine for each other.”

–Letta Neely (Poet, Playwright, Sower)

How to be a Sower:

You may submit original content in response to one of the 4 narrative prompts listed below. Content may be submitted in the form of literary entries (poems, essays, short stories, articles), drawings, paintings, music, etc. Entries may be made in-person at one of the neighborhood tour sites listed to the right or via email at:

Note: All hard copy entries must be made in-person at one of the neighborhood tour sites.

Seed to Harvest: Sower Sessions

Sower Sessions are 90 minute generative salons hosted on Zoom. They are an opportunity to learn more about the Seed to Harvest project, to view the tools, to explore the prompts, and to engage with the TRACES/REMAIN artists as they create The Wooden Book. The theme of The Wooden Book is, Memory as Medicine. Your memory can serve as medicine and be germinated with this project in a plethora of ways: sharing inspirations, creating your own dance medicine, finding people with whom to create, writing, drawing, singing, and video. This is a space for creation and all will be accepted as offerings within the Memory as Medicine theme. All things are possible when we come together. We can all be Sowers.

Register for a Sower Session

Traces Remain book
Traces Remain book

Neighborhood Tabling Sessions:

Meet the TRACES/REMAIN artists at various locations around Boston! The Neighborhood Tabling Sessions are a great place to drop off your offering to The Wooden Book: Memory as Medicine and receive seeds for growing and saving; sacred plants for teas and cleansing; music (because there must always be music); new and ancient knowledge; and smiles. We invite you to let us share with you. Grab your mask and come meet us!

The Wooden Book Narrative Prompts:

  1. Prompt One:
    Think of trees that you have a personal connection and/or memory of. Generate through essay, poem, or illustration the memory you have of that tree. What did this tree provide you and how did you nourish it in return? 
  2. Prompt Two:
    Our memories are medicine. Inside our DNA we have both Ancestral trauma AND Ancestral healing. The Bitter & The Sweet. Without either, we would not be here now. What is a memory you hold that you are ready to pass on to others. Share your medicine. Let us be healed. 
  3. Prompt Three:
    What do you see from your roots, from your branches, from your trunk, from the edges of your leaves, from your core, from your cousins? What have we planted and what are we planting? What is our harvest? How do we sow?
  4. Prompt Four:
    Got a problem or an answer or a thought. Share. We’re all here for it. 

Community Guidelines

All submissions to The Wooden Book will be included at the discretion of the TRACES/REMAIN artists, the lead Sowers of this project. Please be considerate of the items you sow. Please include your name and contact information with your submission even if you wish for your submission to be included in the book anonymously. Please note that sexist, ableist, homophobic, racist, or other hateful forms of communication will not be included in the book.