Shakespeare’s only son takes center stage.

SEP 20 - OCT 7, 2018

William Shakespeare had one son: Hamnet. The young boy never knew his famous father, but in this riveting tour-de-force from Ireland, Shakespeare's only son finally takes center stage. How do our dreams impact our families? Do adults really have it all figured out? Or are we blind to what we could have done better until it’s too late? In Hamnet, a commanding performance from a young actor confronts what it means—and what it costs—to be great. In this moving, meticulous, multimedia wonder, ambition clashes with family responsibilities in a way that rivals the stakes of a great Shakespearean tragedy.

This U.S. Premiere of Hamnet will be Boston's only chance to see Ollie West perform as the 11 year old lead character—a role literally written for him. West performs SEP 20 - SEP 30, after which we'll welcome the talented Aran Murphy to take over the role for the final four performances OCT 3 - 7.

“Haunting, funny, and complex. Brilliantly performed and staged.”
– @BrianJPick

The Irish Times Theatre Awards - 5 Nominations for Hamnet!
Best Production, Best New Play, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Set Design
Irish Times Theatre