Octavia E. Butler's Parable of the Sower

All that you touch you change. All that you change changes you.


Critical Praise

"An unrepentantly political work of theater. Poignant and cautionary, this blues, gospel and funk-inflected work argues that if we want to avoid this future we’ll need diversity, strength and a song or two."

"In the show's highlight, Toshi Reagon makes us sing with her...in that theater, it felt vital, even sacred. If you want to change the world, convincing a few hundred people to voice your call isn’t a bad place to start."
- The New York Times
"Awe-inspiring political theater that was made for this moment of resistance."
NBC News
“Deeply rooted in the African-American sacred music, but also incorporating soul, funk, the blues and even a whiff of EDM."
- The New York Times
“It's hard to imagine a performance more filmic, visceral, or dramatic.”
- The National, UAE
"One of the most compelling performers on the modern-rock scene."
- The New York Times
"Fierce and uncompromising ... a shower of retro funk, urban blues, and folk ... to hear her is to believe."

"Toshi Reagon is at the top of her game as a composer and singer. Her métier is folk and blues, which she accompanies with acoustic guitar (the band adds drums, violin, electric bass, and electric guitar)—a standard proceeding but, in her hands, a strange and wonderful business… her voice, too, is somewhat androgynous, a reedy sound (medium-register, casual but insistent) that seems to come from a special, hidden place in her chest and hooks up with some rarely used conduit in your brain.”
- The New Yorker

Audience Raves

"Toshi Reagon and company raised the roof and then lifted us. I’m still floating on the music & stunning vocals. In the chaos of the moment we have one another. #CongregationalOpera" - @lynellgeorge
"INCREDIBLE" - @SeritaColette


Science fiction, black music meet in Toshi Reagon’s opera-in-progress
- The Boston Globe
Toshi Reagon’s operatic novel adaptation hits stage
- The Bay State Banner
Octavia Butler's Sci-Fi Legacy Revisited, Reimagined